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Taking Care of Business

There are a million and one things (maybe a slight exaggeration) that we have to take care of every day, every month and every year. There is no doubt it can be overwhelming and things fall through the cracks.

But when we don't take care of routine maintenance on our home's cooling system, we are setting ourselves up for bad news. We depend on this piece of equipment to keep us comfortable in the stifling heat of summer, but we seldom take the time to ensure it is getting what it needs to do that efficiently.

The Issues... And the Solution

Since dirt is the #1 cause of system failure, it is important that we have a trained, licensed professional clean and service our air conditioner each year. Over time (along with the dirt building up), electrical wires loosen, lubricants run dry and parts get rusty and worn out.

Not only is your unit working overtime to try to cool your home, but doing so with a loose electrical connection becomes a safety issue. Making sure yearly maintenance is performed will help you to keep your energy bills lower and extend the life of your system.

The goal is to make sure your unit is running efficiently and safely. When your unit is not properly maintained and cleaned, it has the potential to start blowing air into your home that is not what you want to breathe.

To ensure you are handling all of your home cooling system needs, call or email to schedule a tune-up and we will be happy to help you take care of business in your home.