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When Your Furnace Doesn't Pass the Hearing Test

We tend to recognize a sound we don't usually hear - something unusual that catches our attention and causes concern. Sometimes, your home's furnace makes sounds you don't like, and you take notice. Whether it's a click or clank or buzz or worse - no sound at all - you know something's amiss.

As the cooler days get started, many of our customers find that their heaters and furnaces aren't passing their "hearing test." In other words, they're hearing something that's not quite right that calls for professional attention. So they call for routine service - a tune-up, that is.

In the best-case scenario, homeowners catch onto this sound before the weather turns. That's why we recommend preseason tune-ups to get your system ready for the winter season before the cold days arrive. During this time, the tech's trained ear and eye inspects, cleans and adjusts so there will be no unusual sound at all.

Here are the basics of what takes place during a tune-up:

  • Blower components get checked, adjusted, cleaned. This removes any dirt that has built up, ensuring proper airflow and improving reliability.
  • Airflow and fan control are checked and adjusted to ensure that the fan comes on and off at the right temperature for when you need heat.
  • Thermostat calibration is checked. Without the right calibration, your furnace may over- or under-heat your home - neither of which is desirable.
  • Moving parts are lubricated, if necessary. This helps extend motor life.
  • Heat exchangers are checked. Cracks and separations can result in carbon monoxide leaks, a danger for your family. Also, flue obstructions are checked to ensure the proper exhaust of toxic fumes - another safety step.
  • Electrical connections are tightened, and belts are checked for cracks and wear.

Schedule your tune-up today. Just call or email, and we'll take care of you.